At the heart of The BCCP is the intention to expand personal and global consciousness by creating a space that fosters community and relationships. We believe in the importance of being of service to each other, our community, and the world.


The path to higher consciousness and the alleviation of suffering is paved with obstacles, and the goal of self realization may seem elusive, but the teachings are available to anyone who seeks them and the paths are many.

Along the way, it can be useful to understand what obscures the true nature of mind; the clouds that prevent the truth of your own wisdom to shine through. We’ve created an intentional collaboration to assist with this exploration.

This collaboration represents the intersection of Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. Our offerings are designed to provide in-depth exploration supporting the vast human experience — body, mind, and spirit. This is a continuation & expansion of the work previously offered in this space by John and Nicole Churchill of Samadhi Integral.

The BCCP embodies the belief we can come together intentionally and skillfully, creating relationships that support a path to healing and awakening.