Meditation for Recovery
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Meditation for Recovery

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Meditation for Recovery is a community of people in addiction recovery. The peer-run group utilizes meditation practices to strengthen and depend our separation from addictions of a all types. We are not affiliated with any other recovery programs and we welcome all, regardless of duration or status of abstinence. We work collectively to create and nurture a safe space for all.    

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All series run Tuesdays,  9/26/17 - 11/14/17

See below for specific age group descriptions & times.

This children’s yoga and meditation program is tailored to the developmental age of the child. At all levels, the yoga practice will encourage children to experience their body in a joyful, safe and positive way. With awareness of the body one can more easily bring attention to the mind. Meditation invites children back to the present moment, to let the mind settle, and to experience stillness, relaxation, and their own sense of knowing. Developing a practice where the children learn to progress at their own pace encourages self-awareness. This helps to foster self-esteem and creates a strong community of practitioners that support one another. 

4-6 year olds 1:15-2:00

This class will offer children a playful, expressive, fun Yoga experience. The joy of movement will be explored through Asana practice, introducing children to poses, movement through Sun Salutations, creative dance, and games. Meditation and Savasana will invite children to discover a sense of stillness, silence, and experience relaxation. 

7-9 year olds 2:15-3:00

Breath work and centering at the beginning of class will allow children to settle in and prepare for a lively, joyful practice. Asana practice will involve movement through a Sun Salutation, balance, strength, flexibility and will allow for time to work with one another on partner poses. Children will explore movement and games that encourage awareness of the body, and short meditations to observe and gain awareness of the mind. Class will end with relaxation and Savasana. 

10-12 year olds 3:15-4:00

Breath work and a variety of centering techniques will allow children to ease into an energetic, fun-filled practice. Through asana practice, children will build balance, strength, and flexibility. Challenging postures and sequences will foster confidence. Partner and group poses will encourage cooperation and connection. Through a variety of meditation and mindfulness experiences children will develop an awareness of their mind and tools to find a sense of calm, and connection to their own knowing. Class will end with relaxation and Savasana. 


Michelle Bissanti has been an elementary educator and a yoga and meditation teacher in both public and private schools since 1992. For the past eight years, in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Brown, she has developed an innovative yoga and meditation program for all students at a private elementary school in Boston. Michelle is dedicated to developing authentic body and mind practices, drawn from Buddhist lineage traditions, ones that nurture the child’s connection to his or her true nature by integrating awareness of a sound body, a conscious mind, and a compassionate heart. Michelle holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is a certified Radiant Child Yoga Instructor, Levels 1-3. She has been a meditation student of Dr. Daniel Brown for the past 12 years, and also studies with Rahob Tulku (Thupten Kalsang Rinpoche), Geshe Sonam Gurung and other eastern and western dharma teachers. In 2012 she traveled to Rahob Village in Eastern Tibet, and in 2014 to The Himalayan Children’s Home in Mustang, Nepal to observe how these ancient cultures continue to guide and nurture their children’s physical and spiritual health. In 2016 Michelle presented her observations entitled Nurturing the Body, Mind, and Heart of Children Through the Practice of Yoga and Meditation at the Spirituality and the Whole Child Conference outside of London. Her continuing goal is to honor the authenticity of these ancient practices, while at the same time meeting the needs of today’s western child. 

Michelle can be reached at 617-571-7050 for any questions or further information. 

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