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Vodder MLD Basic Body

5 Dates · Aug 17 - Aug 21


  • Greater Boston School of Massage 

  • Basic Body:
    An intensive 5-day course involving much hands-on work. The basic strokes are taught and treatment of each body part, which is all put together on the 5th day. The theory covers anatomy and physiology of the lymph system, connective tissue, effects of MLD on the nervous and immune systems as well as effects on drainage and cleansing of congested tissue. The various causes of tissue congestion are described in relation to the types of clients the esthetician will be
    working with. The objective of this course is to learn Manual Lymph Drainage techniques for the full body, for use within the esthetic framework. This course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Body class. Class time: 40 hrs.


    (339) 221-4640