The BCCP Story


The Boston Center of Contemplative Practice offers support to individuals on the whole continuum from healing to development by way of skillful relationships and a diversity of entry points. We have ongoing practice groups for yoga and meditation; a collaborative of professionals offering services in psychotherapy, psychiatry, meditation guidance, therapeutic yoga, and massage; and a variety of retreats and events. 

The BCCP was founded in January of 2017 by Noel Coakley, beginning at the intersections of meditation, yoga, and psychology, as a center without affiliation to any one particular tradition or path. Having grown out of the context of the Samadhi Yoga Studio, which ran for twelve years under the leadership of John and Nicole Churchill, we developed organically as a collaborative of professionals. Forming in this way, teamwork has been integral to the BCCP identity from day one. We worked together to match the integrated skillsets of each practitioner to our mission and through this process collaboratively developed programs, which we began offering in the Winter of 2018.

While programming so far has focused on Buddhist meditation, Yoga, and Western Psychology, our vision is to hold space for the polyphony. The BCCP strives to bring in a diversity of teachers, traditions, and paths that support healing and development for the purpose of serving the needs of people of all backgrounds. As we continue to grow into our aspirations as a center, we are also working towards functioning as a nonprofit organization guided by a board of directors.


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