Meditation. Yoga.
Psychotherapy. Healing Arts.

Many paths. One home.

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We are here to support you on your path of healing and wellness. 

There is no one practice, one method, nor one teacher for everyone. 

A collaborative of holistic professionals, practitioners, and teachers,
we meet a broad spectrum of hearts and minds. 

Within skillful relationships and a safe space,
we provide support for the whole being - mind, body, spirit.

What will your path be?


Fall 2019 Programs

Meditation & Sanghas


The many approaches to meditation will meet everyone somewhat differently. It’s all about finding what speaks most to your mind and heart. 

We hold space for a variety of practice and teaching styles to help in your exploration. 

Find a good fit by taking an ongoing class, diving deeper in a course, visiting for a guest speaker,  or practicing with one of the ongoing sanghas (practice communities). 

This is a welcome space for beginners and for the experienced … who we invite to be beginners again everyday. 


Yoga & Movement

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When we move the body we move the mind. Our expert team of yoga and movement instructors bring their backgrounds in psychology and meditation to hold a space that allows for healing and development. 

Join us for one of our therapeutically minded yoga classes or enroll in a longer course.  Learn to self-soothe and get grounded. Gain new tools for living with anxiety, stress, and trauma and developing resilience, mental wellbeing, & spiritual practice.

Fantastic for beginners and experienced yogis alike. All bodies welcome.


Psychotherapy & Support Groups


Having an outlet to share, process, vent, build, set goals, or be free of any expectations and judgements is an important part of our well being. Making that first step to reach out can be challenging. 

Our warm and welcoming team of mental health care providers blend Western & Eastern psychology, an understanding of the physical body, and spiritual practices into the therapeutic relationship. 

You can schedule time with someone one to one or participate in support groups oriented around parenting, resilience, trauma, addiction recovery, and every day emotions. 


Energy & Body Work


They say our biography is in our biology. Our past experiences and states of mind show up in our body. 

Help take care of the whole story by working with one of our expert massage therapists, reiki practitioners, or brain-integration specialists. 

For massage therapists and energy healing professionals, BCCP is home to trainings, courses, and peer support opportunities to help build your skill set. 


Special Events & Trainings

We are proud to offer a unique and revolving calendar of community events to deepen your learning, inspire your growth, and keep you connected.


How we support you

  • Enroll in a class, course, or event

  • Join a practice community

  • Find someone to work with individually.

  • Not sure where to begin? Drop us a note or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

We are so glad you’re here. Learn more.


Not sure where to begin?

Let us help you! Drop us a line and we’ll hep you discover the right class, group or service. We are her to support your journey.