BCCP Safe Space Statement

As we increasingly become aware of the numerous abuses of power in spiritual communities and society at large, we recognize the necessity for our practitioners and staff to hold utmost respect for maintaining a safe space in service of our community. We recognize the dangers of power dynamics in general and of spiritual authority in particular, and we feel the pain of the transgressions we are learning more and more about each day.

The BCCP seeks to respond by valuing harmony and leading with integrity. As a center without affiliation to one particular tradition or path we believe we are structured in such a way that supports transparency and accountability. This is a continuous process and we are striving to develop our collaborative so that power does not become imbalanced. Your safety is of utmost concern to us, and so please always feel encouraged to reach out to us to share anything that would help us to create a harmonious space.

Our vision is for the BCCP to be a joyful place to experience community and to connect with people engaging in practices such as yoga, meditation, therapy, and wellness. We sincerely hope that our center is nourishing and supportive to you in your path.